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A recipe to Die For -- Marly Mathews
A Recipe to Die For

A Witch a Willie and a Who Done it -- Marly Mathews
A Witch A Willie and a Who Done It




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His to Hold  -- Marley Mathews

By Marly Mathews
(Historical Romance)
Sensuality: SENSUAL

Previously published as
I'll Be Yours


Adventure and romance on the High Seas as a daring English Pirates kidnaps a feisty American Heiress.

Mallory St. Martin is a man with revenge in his heart. Born the second son, his brother was killed at Trafalgar, and he was forced into a life he’d never wanted, and wasn’t prepared for. As the new Duke of Chichester, he discovers that his father lost everything to Geoffrey Woodward, and the disgrace of it all, led to his father’s death.

Vowing revenge, and seeking to win back all his father lost, he decides to strike back at Woodward through the woman he views as Woodward’s greatest treasure, his only child, Miss Elizabeth Woodward. As their worlds collide, they both discover that the greatest risk of all is taking a chance on love.

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