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A recipe to Die For -- Marly Mathews
A Recipe to Die For

A Witch a Willie and a Who Done it -- Marly Mathews
A Witch A Willie and a Who Done It




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His Candlemas Hope  -- Marley Mathews

His Candlemas Hope

Gilbert ‘Lucky’ Jones has given up on finding love. Determined to live the life of a reckless rake he decides to leave the Country life for London. Before he can escape the Country, his world is turned upside down by a force of nature that gives him hope for the future.

Miss Hope Fortescue has had one unfortunate brush with love. Cloistering herself away from Society, she isn’t looking for love—even though she has a feeling love is looking for her. Her cousin, Lady Blessing invites her to her Candlemas Ball, and that’s where the fireworks start.

One look and one touch is all it takes for Gilbert to fall under Hope’s enchanting allure. Hearing that Hope has fairy blood in her makes him want to run—but Gil and Hope are about to find out that true love is the strongest magic of all.   

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