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A recipe to Die For -- Marly Mathews
A Recipe to Die For

A Witch a Willie and a Who Done it -- Marly Mathews
A Witch A Willie and a Who Done It




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A Witch A Granny and a Who Done It

A Witch A Granny and a Who Done It -- Marley Mathews

A Witch A Granny and a Who Done It

Millie Collins is an ordinary witch trying to live an ordinary life, if only she could stop finding dead bodies.

It was supposed to be just another run of the mill daytrip, but when she and her granny find two bodies too many, in the quiet seaside village of St. Adwen, Millie finds herself smack dab in the middle of another Who Done It.

With her granny determined to hunt down the killer, Millie goes along for the ride, hoping to unravel the convoluted murder mystery before they find another victim, but, as with everything in Millie’s life, that’s easier said than done.

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