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A recipe to Die For -- Marly Mathews
A Recipe to Die For

A Witch a Willie and a Who Done it -- Marly Mathews
A Witch A Willie and a Who Done It




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A Witch A Ditch and a Who Done It

A Witch A Ditch and a Who Done It -- Marley Mathews

A Witch A Ditch and a Who Done It

Millie Collins is a witch who has just landed in a ditch…on top of a dead body. The sleepy villages of Port Merlin and Pendeen have seen their fair share of strange occurrences, but the murder of one of their own, shakes the two small communities to their core.

Like it or not, Millie has found herself smack dab in the middle of A Who Done It. The question is, will she find the murderer—or will the murderer find her?

Millie decides that she will have to trade her witch’s hat for a deerstalker cap and become a super sleuth, if this magical Who Done It is ever going to be solved.

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