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A recipe to Die For -- Marly Mathews
A Recipe to Die For

A Witch a Willie and a Who Done it -- Marly Mathews
A Witch A Willie and a Who Done It




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Welcome to my website. I write mainly historical romance and cozy witch mysteries. Please take a moment to browse through my available books. 

Thanks for visiting and please stop by again soon!

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A Witch A Ditch and a Who Done It  -- Marley Mathews

A Recipe to Die For

Take a holiday, they said. It will be fun, they said. No one will drop dead, they said.

Life in the Cornish villages of Port Merlin and Pendeen is going by at its somewhat leisurely pace, with no corpses in sight. When Gwen Dyer is given an all-expense paid trip to a luxury hotel and spa that caters exclusively to the magical set, she’s overjoyed. With Millie Collins, Alfie Peabody and Paul Evans in tow, they fly off to the magical isle of St. Pellinore.

Everything is going according to plan, until the first body drops. It seems that Gwen and her friends can’t even take a vacation without someone popping their clogs. Now, it’s time for them to solve the whodunits at The Moonstone Hotel and Spa before they become the murderer’s next victims.

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A Witch a Willie and a Who Done

A Witch A Willie and a Who Done It

Millie Collins is a witch praying for a mundane life. Thinking she’s finally gotten away from finding dead bodies, she prepares for a day of enjoying herself at a Car Boot Sale, when she discovers a dead body in her trunk, landing her smack dab in the middle of another Who Done It. 

Now, she just needs to solve the murder mystery, and deal with the hijinks of Paul Evans, and her Uncle Clive, as they take their pranking war to a whole new level. Welcome to Halloween in Port Merlin and Pendeen, where the strange and unusual make everyone scream.

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